Thanksgiving in Kentucky, 2001   
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Before the haircut...
During the haircut:
With cousin Hannah Spradley
With Josie
Wyatt's cousins Tatum and Hannah Spradley
With Uncle Kirk Spradley
More with Uncle Kirk
Uncles Kirk and Kyle Spradley
The whole Egnew/Spradley group:
Grandma Donna
Cousin Alex
Uncle Kyle
Cousin Hannah
Uncle JC
Uncle Kirk
Cousin Tatum
Great Grandma Egnew
Cousin Chris
Cousin Christian
The Pennsylvania family with Great Grandma Egnew
The Great Grandchildren:
Wyatt Case
Great Grandma Egnew
Tatum Spradley
Christian Egnew
Hannah Spradley

Bonus: Disc Golf Photos from Thanksgiving Morning
(Photos by Kyle Spradley, that's why he's not in any of the pictures.)

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